Hi, AI'm Selma

The marketer's digital assistant
for data-driven targeting

Setting up targeted, personalized campaigns in no time?
Selma at your service! She's the data scientist at your fingertips,
so you can focus on what you really love again: creative marketing!

What's in it for me?

Selma automatically improves
your campaign targeting

Higher CLV

Get your Customer Lifetime Value up! Reach your customers in an effective and relevant way... to make them stay.

Reduced effort to define targeting

Awesome algorithms analyze relevant datasets, and uncover patterns in your customers' characteristics and behaviors: hello easy targeting!

More content engagement

We all like engagement, right? Get it by sending your customers targeted content they will really want to react to!

Amazing! How does she do that?

Selma puts a data scientist at every B2C marketer’s fingertips.

Perfect messages

Selma selects the optimal campaign asset for each customer, based on predictive analytics

The right audience

Selma recommends optimal target audiences, based on predictive analytics

Useful dashboards

Selma shows insights in your campaign's performance, customer lifetime value and what drives both

Automated data wrangling

Selma continuously and automatically learns from customer data and campaign feedback data and transaction data resulting in magnificent segmentation rules

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So... did someone say
"crazy good campaign results"?

With Selma's help, your marketing team will be able to choose the optimal content mix for a campaign... before actually creating content! Once created, Selma helps to automatically match it to each individual customer.

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