Meet Selma, the self-learning marketing assistant.

With Selma, dynamic predictive targeting has never been easier.
Time for you to focus on what you really love again: creative marketing!

Cloud Based Self-learning Marketing Campaigns


Welcome to the cloud! Sharing is caring, and Selma knows that. That's why you can consult your marketing assistant 24/7, on whatever device you like. At the office on a Thursday, or just curious on a Sunday morning in bed?

Selma is there for you - anytime, anywhere. So many possibilities!

platform agnostic Marketing Campaigns


Selma integrates with popular marketing tools, like your CRM, CMS, e-commerce suite, email platform, and many more. No hassle there!

Also, Selma configures targeting in your campaign software automatically, based on prediction outcomes. It tracks marketing outcomes across the ecosystem, to describe the full customer journey. Do we need to say more?

Machine learning Marketing Campaigns

Continuously learning

Just like you, Selma is learning... all the time! Thanks to its own machine learning algorithms, the app can deploy very powerful predictions.

Besides, Selma updates incrementally, so it can handle a continuous stream of new data. Data-driven predictive marketing for the win. The app automatically self-optimizes for even more accurate campaign results. Plus: did you Selma compares observed outcomes to earlier predictions? Yes, she does!

If only our brains could do these things...

...did you KNOW? Selma...

product for marketers - learning Marketing Campaigns

Hello, marketers!

This is a message to all marketers out there! Selma is specifically designed for you - not for data scientists. That's what the app is here for: to get these technical tasks out of your hands, so you can focus on your real jobs again. Are you ready to shine on team meetings, thanks to amazingly targeted campaign results?

Selma at your service!

automate repetitive tasks - learning Marketing Campaigns

No more repetitive tasks

Micro-segmentation and content personalization: sounds great! But how do you even get started? Manually craft segments, match content, learn from campaign results, keep your knowledge up-to-date over time: so time consuming, complex, and expensive!

Well: here's Selma. Forget about those miserable, technical, repetitive tasks you have to deal with every day. In order to set up accurate and super targeted marketing campaigns, Selma takes care of them for you... in an incredibly efficient way.

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