Together, we aim to free the world from repetitive, highly complex marketing tasks.
Hello effortlessly targeted, personalized campaigns!

Our Purpose - - self-learning marketing AI

Our Purpose

Our ultimate goal is to free the world from repetitive, highly complex tasks. Why not leave those to intelligent machines, like Selma? In that way, our own creativity will peak like never before, leading to more fulfilling tasks and jobs. In short: let’s make this world a more efficient and better place!

Our Team - - self-learning marketing AI

Our Team

Down-to-earth, multi-disciplined and motivated: that’s our team in three words! Ranging from developers and data scientists, to psychologists and marketers: at Selma, we aim for a more efficient world every single day. Young enthousiasts and seasoned experts are eating AI issues for breakfast, and are keen on helping your company's marketing strategies grow.

Our investor team consists of experienced technology entrepreneurs, (former) C-level executives and retailers. Thanks to this awesome brigade, we are able to do what we do in a safe and financially stable environment. Product marketing, software and data engineering, cloud computing, digital marketing tools & processes: we’re coming for you!